Friday, November 30, 2007

7 Up

The games up, folks. I completed #7 and I'm finito! Podcasting is easy and can be very useful. I listened to a couple of the libvibes, daily news reports all library-related. For example, the news of the rioting Parisian students burning down a public library (that had just added new DVD and CD collections--how sad!), and the progress of the Google digitization project (7,000 books a day are being scanned!). I also listened to a story on NPR's stories on stage. I often miss NPR broadcasts but I've never taken the initiative to learn how to podcast. Now I know. As for libraries using podcasting, well I guess the answer is that it makes sense since people live in front of their computers and if they have the choice to listen to updates or stream for author interviews & such, many people will probably do it.

Friday, November 23, 2007

More on #9, some on #10

Googletools is great. I started a calendar and love the translation options. Much to explore there.
As for Skokie website, it is very extensive. After 4 years of working here, and with continual changes and upgrades, I'm still making discoveries. Since I mostly use the catalog, I do sometimes find myself wishing something or other was a little different, for ease of use, however. For example, it would be so nice if, instead of an "audiovisual" search, you could specify, right from the start, sound or visual search, a la Worldcat. It would also be enormously helpful if the original release date were included for movie listings, what with all the remakes and subsequent confusion. I know there's a reason for not doing this, I just wish there was a way around it. Two dates? And when you're searching through a long list and go into the record for one, and then back to your list, wouldn't it be nice if you could go back to where you left off instead of the beginning of the whole darn thing? I don't do web design, so maybe I'm asking for the impossible.
I downloaded a book onto Sharon's office computer when we first started with it. I haven't again, mostly because I have a Macintosh at home and can't. It's very frustrating!
So, none of the people I sent my googledoc to have responded. Is it me?
↔ ! X ♀ ♪ ☺ ☻ ♥ ♣ ♠ • ○ ♂ ↕
Someone posted the way to access these symbols on delicious. Very cool! Thankyou, Whoever.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I sent a googledoc to three people. Will they take part in the editing of it? Will they know they can? Will they care?


Library Success: Best Practices Wiki is a good one, a resource for readers advisory. I've used Wikipedia many times but never edited an article. The only example I've run across of anyone questioning the content was in an article on the 1979 Iranian revolution. Notes said something like "the content of this article is being challenged," or something like that. I imagine that happens a lot with interpretations of history.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


good idea for organizing bookmarks. personally, can see using it when I'm researching something and spend several days returning to websites, sometimes forgetting what's what. good way to keep things handy, too, for travel plans and more.
as for library work, award sites, radio stations for all those author interviews, upcoming releases and more could all be organized.

Friday, November 2, 2007

5. Pikchurz

Learned about Bluetooth from Ruth in Youth lab. We connected her laptop to my cell phone and sent a cellphone picture to her which she then emailed to my gmail acct and i was then able to download it to upload it on Flickr. I was flustered, so I forgot that the photo I had meant to post was one of my daughter helping a little boy with his reading for Booking with a Buddy last summer. Instead, my cat's got his mug on Flickr. (Next stop, Fancy Feast commercials!)
But what we really need is a photo doc of the ever dynamic Youth Services offices (I love it). Quick! Before they clean up!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I forgot to say that I find Goodreads awkward to use. I do not think it's designed well. So often websites will have 3 ways to do one thing and no way that you can find at all to do another. Have been unable to upload a photo onto my profile, for example, and find it v difficult to navigate back to my own page.
Speaking of photos, have been having trouble posting photos on this blog, too, after smooth going in the beginning. Now, every photo I choose seems to have copyright or size or some other issue prohibiting its appearance in my blog. Have I been blogenated?
Blog - the thing itself
blogger - one who does it
blogenate - to have one's blog blocked, blacklisted, or erased
blog-oed - blottoed by a blog
blogated - when you've been blogged by someone
blogacious - like a really swell blog
bloggened - unpleasantly overwhelmed by a blog; may result in headache
oblogged - feeling indebted (willingly or unwillingly) to a blog
blodgened - like blog-oed, hit by a blog
time's up